Lisa Fotios Photography

Vintage lens

Last week I bought myself a nifty 28 mm vintage prime  lens from ebay, and I also managed to get it at the bargain of £19.99. The reason for purchasing this is that most dslr lenses are quite expensive. And I had read a blog a while back which said you could buy yourself an old vintage lens for a fraction of the cost. Obviously for the lens to work you have to buy an adapter and I managed to find an M42 adapter for £2.99. The only down side is that there is no auto focus, it’s manual only! But once you’ve had a play around you soon get the hang of it.


If you’re wanting to buy yourself an old lens always make sure that there is no fungus on the inside of the lens, it’s bound to have some dust, but that doesn’t seem to effect the image quality. As you can see it looks a bit worn and has quite a few scratches, but it is old! ;). It’s on the inside what matters.


Here’s one of the first test shots that I did, I love how blurry the background is! The aperature goes all the way down to f2.8! So it lets lots of light in. What I am liking about a prime lens it that it is fixed. So usually to acheive the same effect I would use my 55-200 zoom lens! And this can get quite annoying at times. But with a prime, you can stay close to your subject & achieve the same results.


Here we have my lovely birthday cupcakes by Judith Bond as well as looking tasty, they tasted it too! Here I used f4 and it’s not as blurry as the background on the other picture. As sometimes you want to keep images in focus.


Now this shot is completely unedited! I love how this lens captures all the lights and shadows and when opening on your computer it looks the same. Usually when I shoot in RAW with my other lenses I have to tweak the images in Lightroom, as the lighting changes slightly. So I was really impressed with this image.


And last but not least here is a portrait of John, shot in the bedroom and light source coming from the computer monitor. I had to get right up & close to him, but he didn’t seem to mind! I love how crisp this image is and how you can even see the monitor reflecting in his eye. All I did here was turn the image to black and white in Lightroom. So again, the images keep all the original lights and shadows when you impot them on to your pc. All in all I am really imopressed with this lens! And I would highly recommend that you should at least buy one to try. They are so cheap as well. And if you don’t like it at least you haven’t spent hundreds of pounds.