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Trying My Hand At Flat Lay Photography

It’s a cold, dark autumn’s night and winter isn’t that far off! I’m also sat here with terrible stomach cramps which is being caused by a nasty virus! So me and my husband have been bed bound all day. I never know what to do on days like these, especially when I’m constantly wanting to take photographs. But sometimes you must admit defeat and give in to what your body wants… and today that has been rest.

I have been feeling super creative all day, despite feeling ill and I decided to get out of bed and write a blog to make me feel better!!

Anyway this blog is going to be about the most recent photography trend which is flat lay! You’ve probably all seen them on Instagram as they are a great way to market your business and promote yourself online and also they’re super fun to do!

I’ve only recently started doing them and I must say I’m having lots of fun coming up with props and ideas, it’s a new obsession. I still have a lot to learn but here are some that I have created.


I bought some coloured A3 sheets of paper from a local craft shop and thenΒ the rest were items just lying around my office ( apart from the leaf of course.. that was from outside πŸ˜‰ )


Sometimes less is more as it creates more of an impact, I just love simplicity and also I wanted to show off my recently purchased vintage camera! πŸ˜›


I always wondered how other photographers always seemed to have such beautiful wooden tables that were just perfect for this style of photography. Then I discovered their secret! πŸ˜‰ I won’t say now and will save that for a later blog… but if you can guess I’ll buy you a coffee! It might even be really obvious to you but it took me a while, haha! πŸ˜‰


Not quite 100% flat lay but I thought this image was too nice to not post! πŸ˜€


The very first flay lay that I tried and I don’t think it’s that bad for a first attempt, this style is definitely popular on Instagram for people showcasing their businesses.

I’m only just getting started with these and can’t wait to do more and I also want to offer this service to our web clients to showcase their business cards and products etc for Facebook and Twitter.