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The Weekend In Pictures

The weekend in pictures

 It’s very rare for me latey to go out exploring with my camera as I am always doing commercial photography, or lots of post processing sat at my desk. Now don’t get me wrong I love my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but sometimes I feel an urge to just go out into the world and photograph what I want for a change. No staged poses, no instructions, just nature, camera and me.

So, on Saturday me and my husband went to Conwy for the day, we went up the castle walls, got some chips, had a coffee.. sat down for a bit, met a really fat seagull! 😀 and then walked some more. It just made a change from an office environment and it was just great being able to enjoy nature for a change.

Anyway before I babble on here’s what I managed to capture.

All shots were taken with a Nikon D5500 and my new favourite 35mm prime lens.


No zoom lens needed for this shot, this seagull was fearless and was quite happy for me to get up close and take its picture.


I must have walked past this a thousand times and not given it any attention, but it really stood out to me on Saturday! Maybe it was the red and orange hues!


Mr. Fotios, taking a break… perfect opportunity for a sneaky pic 😉


What a view, taken on the castle walls.


I feel like you can almost feel how cold it was just by looking at this picture.


We took a quick trip down to Conwy Beach before we headed home! The day did end in me stepping in dog poop, but I managed to get it off!


On sunday we got a visit from Tilly, a well loved family pet <3 here’s another sneaky snap of Mr. Fotios.


I call this ” The Twirly Tree “


Tilly, waiting to be picked up so she could go home and have some tea! 😀

Merry Christmas Everyone!