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The Top 3 Things To Consider When Choosing Photos For Your Website

When creating a website, photography is often the last thing people think about. Photography can make or break a user’s perception of the website and ultimately your brand. It is worthwhile putting the effort in to get it right, visitors to your website will look at the pictures before reading the text.

1. Avoid overusing stock photos

Stock photos are fine in small quantities. They are ideal if you are blogging regularly, but for the main pages on your website (Home, Services etc) you’ll want real pictures of your business, products and services that represent who you are what you do.


  • Smiling models (solo, groups, meetings etc).
  • Generic handshakes (close ups).
  • Food (especially if you are a restaurant or cafe, get pictures of your own dishes!)

2. Don’t use low quality pictures taken on your phone!

It is important to get high quality, high resolutions photos that fit into your website properly. Taking a photo on your phone can sometimes work, but they are obvious to spot and won’t help portray a professional appearance for your business. You should always plan the pictures you want to use and where possible hire a photographer!


  • Low quality grainy images.
  • Blurry or out of focus.
  • Using default filters on Instagram!
  • Taking pictures of small rooms without a wide angle lens (guest houses etc).

3. Keep the pictures relevant

Relying on stock photos will usually mean the pictures aren’t quite relevant to your message. Using custom photography will give you full control of the image you want to portray. People are more likely to respond to images that properly represent your products or services. Try to think about what visitors to your website want to see.


  • Stock photos for your products and services.
  • Stock photos of people that don’t even work for your company!
  • Random pictures on a home page slider that don’t really add anything.

Bonus Point: Google Images

Most people know this by now, but steer clear of taking pictures from Google! These images will most certainly be copyrighted and you can get into trouble!

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