Lisa Fotios Photography

The Little Orme

Today I was feeling a bit bored and felt like I had been neglecting my photography. So me and John decided to go up to the little orme in Penrhyn Bay. The weather was alright when we left, but as soon as we got there it started to rain. I must admit this grim weather has been putting me off lately when it comes to going out with my camera. But today I just thought I should get on with it and the clouds added some nice drama to the pictures.


I’d forgotten how nice it is up there! I feel so lucky living so close to nature and all its beauty. It’s also a great way to get some exercise!!! My legs were starting to give in after climbing to the top. The views are really worth it though.


I could have done with a wide angle lens as this was shot with my standard 18-55. unfortunately I have to wait another week before it arrives in the post! 🙁 I will probably go back up there once I’ve got it and re-take some of the pictures.


Everyone looked so tiny from the top, I added some field blur in photoshop to give it that toy affect. It’s just a bit of an experimental shot, really.


I never knew this existed until today, I’m nor really sure what it was used for or how old it is, but I thought this would make a good picture. I already had it in my mind that I was going to make it black and white. I also added some HDR in Lightroom 4 to give it that grungy/moody look.


On the way down was this huge puddle and I though it kind of looked like a lake. I had to get right down to the mud for this one! I wanted to make sure the reflection was in view, too! I came away with muddy leggins and boots… but it’s totally worth it for that one good shot.

All pictures are coyrighted to me so please don’t steal them, or claim them as your own. If you would like to use any please get in touch with me here.