Lisa Fotios Photography

Sychnant Pass Photography

Saturday came around quick, once again! And as always it was time to decide what to do. After working hard in the office all week, it’s nice to have a change of atmosphere and do a bit of exploring, so we decided to head over to Conwy and take it from there.

Before even considering going for a walk me and Mr. Fotios always have to stop off somewhere for a coffee first! As you can see I didn’t get a picture of our coffees, so here are some coffee beans that I recently purchased instead! 😛

Once we finished our drinks we hopped back in the car and did some driving, until eventually we came across Sychnant Pass.

I’d all but forgotten about the area as it’d been so long since I had been there but the memories soon came flooding back of the many trips up there as a child with my Dad.

Sometimes you forget that you don’t have to travel very far to get amazing views and outstanding natural beauty!

It had been a while since I’d been out to take pictures, and after a while I start to get itchy feet and need to be out in nature.

Luckily the hubby doesn’t mind taking us whereever for me to fill my photography needs and he’s also a very good model! :p

And he also doesn’t mind taking pictures of me when I ask. After many shots and me being fussy I actually liked this one, which makes a change.

As you can see the views are stunning and I’ll definitely be going back in the spring so I can explore more!

If you’d like any of the pictures as a print ( except for me and John, of course! ) then please get in touch