Lisa Fotios Photography

Sue Hearn Business Shoot

Last week I was asked by the lovely Sue Hearn from North Shore Productions to take some pictures for their upcoming website.

Sue didn’t want the typical formal, boring shots, she wanted something a bit more relaxed and colourful.

After having a look at my informal headshots on my site, she knew they were the type she was looking for.

I also took some business shots of her husband a few months ago and she really liked them as well.

We decided to go to The Station in Colwyn Bay, as the decor and colours in there are nice and light and the green also makes for a good backdrop.

The shots were going to be used on the North Shore website and to be used as profile pictures on social media.

Sue wanted to be able to show clients that they don’t have to always have meetings in an office but can have them in a nice coffee shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

We both agreed that capturing the moment was best as people can relate more to that than faked poses. It also shows personality in the pictures and that is what she was looking for.

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