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Stock Photography – Keeping It Simple

Todays blog is all about stock photography and a few tips on how to create the perfect image.

I’ve been a member of the free stock photography site Pexels for over a year now and I absolutely love coming up with new ideas and scenes to create the ideal images.

This week my theme has been ” Keeping it Simple ” and for me that means the less clutter, the better!

White backgrounds are really in at the moment and there are a lot of searches for images with a minimalistic style. The white space gives designers and bloggers enough room to add some text.

So find yourself a white wall and some plants and start experimenting! Not much editing is required either as all you need to do is adjust the highlights and shadows.

3 certainly isn’t a crowd when it comes to minimalism! It fills up the empty space on the sides and is also pleasing to the eye! You don’t even need 3 identical plants, the original image was the first plant on the left and I just duplicated it twice and changed the colours. So, if you have a basic knowledge of photoshop this is really easy to recreate.

If you go an any stock website, I guarantee there will be a lot of searches for laptops and working spaces.

Again, I wanted little clutter as possible because when there’s too much going on in the background people tend to just scroll on past.

So if you’re thinking of taking a picture of your working space to show off to people on your blog, Instagram or for stock purposes just make sure to declutter, because less is definitely more! <3

Everybody loves a good flatlay image! They’re trendy, look pretty and are easy to create. But sometimes people throw way too much on their bed, carpet or table and then just snap.

For me it has to be planned, even down to putting the fruit in a bowl… it has to be neat and look nice.

Just make sure to lay everything out neatly and try different positions until you are happy.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a flatlay image that looks rushed and thrown together.

Try shooting from different angles, you’d be suprised how different an image can look! Not everything has to be straight and perfect, you can also get more into your frame.

Entrepeneurs and business people love coffee and can relate to working with laptops or computers.

So what better way to sum up our lifestyle in this one picture! It’s simple but effective.

I don’t get paid for my stock photography as I give the images away to Pexels for free, for me it’s not about money I just want to be able to help others find high quality images without the high price tag. And once a month I do a reverse search on Google to see where my images have been used and it just brings a smile to my face.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions please send me an email: