Lisa Fotios Photography

Polaroid Go: Review

I finally got the much anticipated Polaroid Go camera delivered! It is the world’s smallest instant camera and I can’t deny how cute and compact it is.

It has easy double exposure, self timer and flash on/off modes all by the toggle of one button & also comes with a brand new film format.

You get 8 shots per individual pack and they come in a box of 16 for the price of £18.99 or $19.99. I must admit I did feel a bit disappointed about this because I was hoping it’d be 10 shots per pack but the quality of the images certainly makes up for this.

Here are some of the images I’ve taken so far… I love the bright, bold & vivid colours that each shot produces and the small format makes them even more unique.

The exposure is automatic and does a pretty good job of guessing the light and type of weather you’re shooting in. I also really love the double exposure setting and was happy with the results each time.

I can happily say that this will become one of my go-to instant cameras and I’m looking forward to seeing some accessories and different coloured frames released in the future.

I would definitely recommend you check it out.