Lisa Fotios Photography

Night Photography In Conwy

So my lovely Sigma 10-22 mm wide angle lens arrived in the post yesterday! I’ve been wanting this lens for a while now & finally decided to just find a second hand one on ebay. As you can tell I am really happy to have it and couldn’t wait to try it out. I went to Conwy at night time to test it out, I’ve wanted to get some long exposure shots of there for a while now but waited until I had the right equipment.


It took a while to get the hang of it and there were a few naff shots, as always! But then I managed to get it just right . This was shot at 2.0 sec at F4.5, ISO 400. There wasn’t much noise on the image when I imported it to my pc. But I reduced what noise there was in Adobe Lightroom 4. I can’t praise this software enough!


This was shot on a tripod and a 10 second timer 2.0 sec at F7.1, ISO 400. I tried shooting manually and even when on the tripod the images were out of focus and blurry. Even the slightest movement ruins long exposure shots. So that’s why I used a timer because the camera needs to be completely still. I took a few of these shots until I managed to get the blurred lines of the cars going past. At this point I was freezing, had no gloves, scarf or hat on! But it was totally worth it! 😉


Long exposure really does take practice, I’ve learnt that you don’t get the perfect shot straight away, you have to keep playing with the settings and also it depends what the lighting is like too. You have to go out on a calm night, when there’s no wind and the water is nice and smooth. It would look a bit rubbish if it was windy with ripples in the water. I took 25 images last night, and out of those I only liked 3 of them! The first few were dark and blurry and the rest were average. It’s a good job SD cards can store a lot of pictures. I can’t imagine what it must have been like before the digiatl age, I suppose you would have to know excactly what you were doing becuase film was expensive and you couldn’t afford to waste it! I feel lucky being a photographer in the digital age as you can take as many pictures as you like without having to worry about the cost of film.


All pictures are coyrighted to me so please don’t steal them, or claim them as your own. If you would like to use any please get in touch with me here.