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New Photography Project

I spend most of my time sat at my desk in my office, and don’t really get much time to go out and about taking pictures. As you can imagine it can get a bit frustrating, especially when you are in one of those really creative moods. I do end up taking most of my pictures on my desk i.e flowers and pens etc… but this can get a bit boring for me I try and be as creative as possible and most times people don’t even realise they’re on my desk. There’s no escaping the fact that I have to be at my desk, so 2 days ago I did some brain storming and came up with a little photo project for myself that involves being inside and outiside ( well, kind of ).

It all started with a pine cone that’s been sitting on my desk for a few month now, I never really thought much of it but then the other day I saw it differently and decided that I wanted to take a picture of it. Obviously I didn’t just want to photograph it on my desk with pens, bits of paper and sticky notes everywhere and then it occured to me that I have a lightbox that hardly gets used these days. I got a bit sick of using a white background all of the time so I thought I’d switch it up a bit and use black for a change, also you get much more details when post processing.

Anyway before this turns into an essay, let me break it up a bit with some pictures.

I was really pleased with the way this image turned out and sometimes simple really is more effective and best.


40mm F/14 ISO 200 ” The Pine Cone “ I also used my flash gun, as I don’t really like the standard flash on my camera.

So as I was saying this pine cone inspired me to start my new project, which basically is photographing bits of nature indoors, on my desk. It also gets me outside everyday to look for bits and bobs to photograph., and yesterday I popped to the War Memorial Park accross the road from my office and here’s what I found.


38mm F/18 ISO 200 ” Merry Berries ” It’s amazing what you can find if you look hard enough.


38mm F/18 ISO 200 ” Birds of a feather ” Glad I found this little feather caught in a bush, thanks birdie 😉


38mm F/18 ISO 200 ” I leaf you ” Goodbye autmn and hello spring! I’m glad all the dead leaves are finally disappearing.

I can’t wait to find more things to photograph and hopefully I will find enough to turn into a little photography book. ( That’s the aim, anyway )

If you have any suggestions on what I can photograph ( Nature related ) then please email me


Please don’t use any of these pictures without asking my permission.. stealing is bad! And I don’t like bad people 😉