Lisa Fotios Photography

Lomochrome Purple Film

Ever since picking up my first second hand point and shoot I’ve wanted to try Lomographys dreamy 35mm purple film.

I bought my first roll pre-covid and I’ve also shot my second roll recently and thought it would be good to do a quick blog about it now.

The camera I used was a cheap Nikon fun touch 5 to shoot both rolls because I like the simplicity when I’m out and I don’t want to be faffing around with setting etc.

I honestly think it is such an underrated film because those purple tones are just beautiful and slightly different each time depending on the lighting or types of RGB colours it’s replacing.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone starting out with 35mm and to those who just want a change from the usual tones & it’s also a great way for your images to stand out in a creative way.

Here are just a few of my results… pretty, am I right? 😀