Lisa Fotios Photography

Leonie Charpentier Headshots

Yesterday I met up with a lovely lady called Leonie Charpentier for an informal but professional coffee shop shoot. Leonie runs her own business as a virtual assistant and she specialises in providing flexible admin and business support to creative freelancers and small businesses.

She was looking for someone to take photos of her for her social media and website and after a few exchanged messages via email we arranged a location and date!

I decided that one of the best locations in Colwyn Bay is Flat White Coffee shop on Penrhyn Road as the atmosphere and decor is just right and all in all it’s just a perfect place (the coffee is also pretty nice, too!) 😀

Then after a few shots in there we headed over to Porters Coffee Shop/ Bistro on Station Road! Another beautifully decorated location, the lighting in there is great too as I didn’t need a high ISO….the less noise the better! 😉

Here are some of the pictures that were taken.


Flat White – I prefer the natural shots! I always try and make people smile and then sneakily snap them 🙂


Flat White – Another natural shot


Porters Coffee Shop – I thought the plant in the background added to the shot! I even like the two women in the background as it just adds to the atmosphere.


Flat White – And to finish, here’s a black and white shot!

I feel so lucky being able to meet other entrepreneurs and photograph them and learning about their businesses and I’d just like to thank Flat White and Porters for such great shoot locations 🙂

head on over to Leonie’s website to find out more about her business