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Flower Photography

Recently I have been taking too many pictures of flowers, I think it’s turned into some sort of obsession! Lol. In all honesty I haven’t been able to get out much lately due to the rubbish weather and not feeling well. So I am always looking for things to photograph in my office, and it just so happens that I am surrounded by lovely flowers. There have been some lovely flowers planted in the War Memorial park across the road from my office. I’m also very lucky to be gifted flowers from my lovely clients.


These are flowers from a client’s shop in Llandudno, they brought them in to my studio to be photographed for their online shop

I thought they looked so pretty, so obviously I used the chance to take some arty shots before they came and took them away 😉


My boyfriend’s Mum mentioned to me that there had recently been crocuses planted in the Colwyn Bay War Memorial Park, across the road from my office. Naturally I had to have a look and see if I could get any nice pictures of them.


I was quite happy with the results, I absolutely love playing around with the colours in Adobe Lightroom, why just stick to green grass when you can have yellow or purple? I really could spend hours changing the colours of flowers, it’s a great way to learn and see what colours do and don’t work together.


Pretty little buds…. you don’t know how happy I was to see some trees blossoming!!! Firstly, they’re so pretty and secondly it means the winter is over and warm weather is on it’s way YAY! I’m sure you can all agree with me when I say, I’ve had enough of winter now! Bring on the BBQ’s and sunshine.


After writing my blog about inspirational women that I have met in business, the lovely Judith Bond came in with a nice bunch of flowers as a thank you gift! 🙂 They’ve really brightened up my office and are also a great photography piece! 😉 Thanks Judith!


I hope you enjoyed this post and looking at pictures of pretty flowers! Don’t forget to have a look at my portfolio 🙂

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