Lisa Fotios Photography

Feeling Fruity

There are some weekends where even if I try to relax, I can’t and even when it’s cold outside and pouring down with rain I can’t help but want to take pictures.

The solution for not wanting a wet & damaged camera? Indoor photography!! Although, it can be difficult to find things to photograph.

But then I remembered that I had some tasty fruit in the fridge, so I decided to experiment. I’d recently brought one of my photography lamps home from the office and this was perfect for setting the ideal lighting as my flat can be quite dark.

When it comes to photographing anything up close I always use my 35mm prime lens and macro alternative screw on closeup lenses.

Personally I find the screw on lenses just as good as a macro lens and you can buy them on Ebay or Amazon for under £10…. ideal for the photographer on a budget!

You don’t need to buy the most expensive equipment and all of the fancy lenses, it’s what you do with the tools and budget you have that counts.

To get the shiny/glistening effect I sprayed the fruit with water and made sure the lamp caught the shine, which adds an extra dimension the picture.

The blueberries were definitely my favourite fruit to shoot! I love the dark purple and blue tones, they tasted good too! 😀

Something as simple as adding blueberries to a glass of water can make for an interesting image! <3

I always try to learn new techniques and try different photographic genres instead of just staying in my comfort zone with commercial and landscapes.

I really enjoyed styling and taking these shots and it goes to show that you can find inspiration anywhere!! So if you ever feel the itch to take pictures but can’t go out because of bad weather, have a rummage around your kitchen and get snapping!

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