Lisa Fotios Photography

Dog Sitting & Lots Of Walks Around Conwy

Afternoon all! Well, it’s certainly been an eventful 2 weeks for me and the hubby. We’ve been looking after a well loved family pet ( Tilly ) hence the reason for the lack of content on here. I’ve managed to find some spare time today though to write a blog.

I’m currently sat in my living room/kitchen/dining room drinking black filtered coffee like it was water and listening to some good old cheesy 80’s music!! 😀 what better time to catch the writing bug?

So let me ask you something, are me and my husband the only ones who let the dog take up the whole bed every night? Even though we are supposed to be the ” masters ” its seems like we’re really the slaves 😉 I’ve been at the edge of the bed with little covers for 2 weeks straight now!

Did I also mention that we have been walking 3 or 4 times a day all this time too? We don’t have a garden so we have had to do it! The early mornings suck but on the positive my legs have toned up! Haha. But we will do anything for our furry little friends! For they bring lots of joy and happiness to our lives.

We’ve found there aren’t really any interesting places to walk dogs in the Bay area so we have been taking a few trips over to Conwy. It’s where me & Tilly are from, we shared the same house there for 6 years and that is where I also grew up as a child! So it holds a special place in my heart.

So here are some snaps that I have taken in that time! I hope you like them.

Cheeky much? Tilly decided that she wanted to sit at my desk! She certainly might not be a useful addition to the office but she is cute.

The hubby & Tilly walking down the steps in Bodlondeb woods.


Looking over to Deganwy from Conwy Beach, I loved the reflections in the water.


A small boat docked near the marine walk.


What’s not to like about Conwy Marina! I spent so much time here when I was younger.


View of Conwy & the castle from the RSPB Nature Reserve.


Another View of Conwy & the castle.


Pastel tones at the Nature Reserve.


The ripples on the water really caught my attention, and of course I had to get a shot of them! Looking at this image makes me feel calm.

There were many more pictures taken, but I haven’t had the time to edit them all yet! So I might write another blog dedicated to them!

If you actually read my ramblings, then thank you for your patience! 😀 It’s a bit of a random one today!