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A quick summary from wiki about Danbo

Danbo first appeared in the Yotsuba & Cardbo manga series, first issued in April 2006. It was created as a result of a challenge during summer vacation for elementary school students Ena Ayase and her friend, Miura Hayasaka. Although the person inside is able to move upon wearing the costume, the young protagonist, Koiwai Yotsuba, found it by chance in the neighboring Ayase home while Miura was wearing the costume. Because Yotsuba believed it was a real robot, the two elementary school students joined forces to improvise a story in order to not destroy Yotsuba’s dream. When Danbo claims to be going home, he leaves the Ayase home, with Miura still inside and Yotsuba still believing in him.

The Japanese company Kaiyodo has produced since late 2007 various Danbo action figures which became an Internet meme, and well-known over the Internet as a hero of many photo shoots, one of the most famous is “365 Days of Danbo” by Arielle Nadel.

Flickr returns over 36,000 photos tagged “Danboard”. On images found on the Internet, Danbo is often depicted as being composed of Amazon packaging boxes.

So, as you can see he is very popular with photographers all over the world and if you have ever wondered why I take pictures of this strange box robot well…. now you know! 😀

If you’d like one he is very easy to find on Ebay just search Danbo/Danboard.