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Conwy Food And Drink Celebration At Bodnant Welsh Food Centre

November is Conwy business month and to kick off the celebration of local businesses their first event was in celebration of Conwy food and drink vendors.

The event was set up in the fantastic setting of Bodnant Welsh Food Centre and all local food producers were welcome guests.

I was asked by the council to come and photograph the event and of course I wasn’t going to say no because (A) I love food and (B) I always want to support and capture our community spirit.

The event provided the opportunity to highlight, showcase, and celebrate Conwy Food and Drink, but it was also an opportunity for producers to engage, and network with industry leaders.

As you walked in you were greeted by the site of tables filled with delicious foods by local produce companies. There was a huge selection of cheese, chocolate, vegetables and much more by local well-known producers such as Castell Cheese, Llaeith and Edwards of Conwy.

As you can see there were many well-known producers at the event and it was great to see them all in one room, celebrating each others success and mingling.

The popular restaurant chain Dylan’s were also showcasing some of their sauces and the producers of Grandma’s cupboard beverages were also in attendance.

All guests were welcomed with a glass of wine and encouraged to have a look at the tables, whist they waited for their meal in the main dining area.

There were 3 guest speakers at the event from the local hospitality sector and they spoke about the importance of engaging with the food and drink sector to advance your business and identify the support available.

Afterwards the guests were treated to a 3 course award-winning meal, using ingredients from local suppliers such as Baravelli’s chocolate for the dessert.

Once the meal was finished some people stayed and networked for the remainder of the evening.

I had a great time being part of and photographing such a fab event and I am looking forward to see what else Conwy business month has to offer.

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