Lisa Fotios Photography

A Relaxing Weekend

These past couple of months have been quite difficult for me, especially after the passing of my Nan in December. Grief is a strange thing, I’ve noticed that it can hit you any time of day, any place and anywhere. And due to this I feel that my creativity has been some what lacking, and my passion for taking photo’s and seeing the beauty in things had diminished. But for the first time last weekend it came back! I woke up feeling positive and wanting to go out and take some pictures. So me and my lovely partner went for a walk around Rhos On Sea and then later popped to his parents house to catch some rays in the garden.


Not your standard shof of Rhos On Sea – I like to see the beauty in things that not may others would even consider or look at. I loved these flowers popping ot of someones wall. I did get a strange look from John when I was taking this shot πŸ˜› but he soon realised why when I showed him this!


Marley moo – I must admit I never used to be cat person, being allergic to them was the main reason and also the fact that as a child my Nan’s cat tore my leg to shreds every time I went near him πŸ˜‰ . But after meeting John’s cat 6 years ago I soon changed my mind and now I adore cats! But Marley is my main guy, hehe. Also he’s very handsome and photogenic, and he’s such a poser, look at him with his chill!


He also enjoys cuddles… lots and lots of cuddles, look at his cute litte face!! Awww.


Suspicious cat is suspicious – Okay, so at this point Marley was getting rather miffed that I was taking so many pictures of him. As you can see he does not look too impressed so I decided to leave him alone after that and take some pictures of flowers instead.


Summers dream –Β Just enjoying and snapping the beauty in life, I love taking pictures of flowers! They aslo make a good desktop background πŸ˜€ My Nan used to have so many pretty flowers in her back garden when I was a kid and I’d help her take care of them, and I’d also get a bollocking if I picked them ( oops ) πŸ˜› sorry Nan!


Keeping it simple – Sometimes simple is best and when it comes to taking pictures of natureΒ  I always try and stick to this.

Last weekend taking pictures definitely helped cheer me up and it’s a good source of therapy and I’m glad I’m starting to feel like my old self again!

If you made it this far thanks for reading! πŸ™‚